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“Beyer opens his series with a punch, establishing his prospective universe while simultaneously delivering sci-fi action. A chase sequence on Earth and an explosive confrontation on Eridani are exhilarating, but dirty politicking of the future proves most engrossing…”

“Nefarious bigwigs, collusion, and galactic jumps against a cosmic backdrop; readers should definitely want to come back for more.”

Kirkus Reviews – Full Review


“Darren Beyer’s love for science and technology shines through Casimir Bridge. Beyer uses his experience as an aerospace engineer for NASA to develop an interesting and exciting science fiction story. The narrative has a great cast of characters. The lead characters are smart and strong in their roles. Mandi is young and vibrant. Andrews is greedy and politically wicked. Grae is courageous and hot, a soldier that any damsel in distress would want to be rescued by.”

5stars Reader’s Favorite Review – Full Review


“Very well written. Pulls you in from the beginning and never lets go. It’s one of those books that I read until I was bleary eyed before falling asleep, then picked up as soon as I woke in the morning. If you like the hard-science science-fiction of Niven, Brin or Bear, you’ll like this one; any of those names could have been on the cover of this book and wouldn’t have felt out of place.”

5stars G.R. Cooper – Author, Omegaverse Series


“SciFi and politics, what could be better? If you add in the realism of NASA backed information it is much better.”

4stars Basingstone Book Reviews – Full Review


“I’m not embarrassed to admit it.  I hadn’t read very far into Casimir Bridge, the debut novel from newcomer Darren Beyer, before I realized I’d just found my newest favorite sci-fi author.”

Dr. Wesley Britton – Book Pleasures – Full Review


“I read this book quick – not quickly skimming bits – but rather found myself motivated to get life’s stuff done each night so I could continue reading the adventure before falling asleep. Having read hundreds of SPAs, this book does not feel like a debut novel. My bar is raised for Beyer and I hope he can repeat an equal or better sequel.”

5starsAmazon Top 500 Reviewer – More reviews on Amazon


“Darren Beyer is on par with David Brin, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle as a writer. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am hungry for more. His characters are well done and I love that he has strong female characters as well as male. He does an excellent job of keeping the story intense and moving. His villains are despicable and his heroes make you proud. Beyer’s technical knowledge is great but doesn’t overwhelm the reader.”

5starsAmazon Reviewer – More reviews on Amazon


“Beyer’s credentials for this book are impeccable; he is a NASA scientist and engineer, so I was really looking forward to this. It shows too, even though the tech and science in the book are not realised yet, the way that he has developed and described them makes them feel completely plausible.”

4stars Breakaway Reviewers


“There was plenty of good science, but above the Campbellian ideal, this author never lost sight of the fact that interesting characters and an exciting story will always carry the day.”

4stars Brad K. Horner – Blogger/Book Reviewer – Full Review


“READ AT YOUR OWN RISK – HIGHLY ADDICTIVE… Please do not start this book if you need your sleep, this is definitely one you won’t want to put down.”

5starsAmazon Reviewer – More reviews on Amazon


“The interplay between international intrigue and science fiction space technology was very good. It has enough science fiction to keep you amazed with where it is going (which is not where you think early on) but also the mystery and suspense of an espionage thriller.”

5starsAmazon Reviewer – More reviews on Amazon


“The book was a fun ride… I enjoyed reading this author’s perception of what our world will be like 100 years from now.”

4starsMarjorie’s World of Books – Full Review


“Conspiracies, terror plots and interstellar travel, what more can you ask for. I was on the edge of my seat and found it hard to stop reading.”

5starsAmazon Reviewer – More reviews on Amazon


“A little bit of everything for everyone… Great adventure story! “

5starsNet Galley Reviewer


“I’ll read bad sci-fi. It’s just my bag. Casimir Bridge is pretty good sci-fi.”

4starsNet Galley Reviewer


“The technology and future geo-political environment is realistic, thoughtfully presented.”

5starsKevin Higgins, Author – Michael Rader Adventures


Get Casimir Bridge on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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