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Anghazi Series Book 2: Pathogen Protocol is Now Available!

“Like ripples in a pond, this frenetic space opera sequel to Casimir Bridge moves in bigger and bigger circles outward from the splashy events detailed in the opening volume… the fast pacing, occasional humor, and clear split between the good guys and bad guys push a lot of questions out of the way as the action pulls the reader forward.”

– Publishers Weekly

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Anghazi Series Book 1: Casimir Bridge

“I hadn’t read very far into Casimir Bridge, the debut novel from newcomer Darren Beyer, before I realized I’d just found my newest favorite sci-fi author.”

– Book Pleasures Review

Winner: 2016 Beverly Hills Book Award (Science Fiction)
Winner: 2016 Readers Favorite Bronze Metal (Thriller)

Winner: 2016 Pinnacle Achievement Award

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  1. Congratulations! Darren, please let me know when the book is available it looks cool, I am reserving a signed copy.


  2. Darren, what a ride, books 1& 2 were a wonderful experience. Didn’t stop till I read both, you have the third in the series already sold, all you have to do is first write it, then email me at to let me know when,. Where, and how much . Anxiously awaiting your email Dan Thank you for sharing your imagination.


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