Category: Weaponry

Planes with Frickin’ Laser Beams

Last month the Air Force announced that it will likely have a fighter-mounted directed energy pod in a time frame that is “a lot closer than . . . a lot of people think,” according to Air […]

North Korea has the H-Bomb! Um, No.

Nations all around the globe had a collective freak out this week when North Korea detonated a nuclear bomb in a test and declared that they have a hydrogen bomb. Oh crap! The most unstable leader […]

Small Arms – What Will Change in 100 Years?

If you would have asked a World War I combatant what a soldier would wield one hundred years down the road, few would say “about the same as we have now!” Let’s take a look […]

Robots or People? What Will Populate the Future Battlefield?

A lot of attention has been paid recently to the Obama administration’s use of drones in and around Afghanistan and in the “war on terror” in general. According to a recent New York Times article […]

MWI – The Man-Weapon Interface

Go back to 1982. Clint Eastwood had stepped out of his traditional western and Dirty Harry roles to play Mitchell Gant, an ace pilot who is recruited to steal the Soviet’s new secret weapon: the Firefox. […]