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Machines are Taking Over the World

I am a big fan of realistic science fiction movies. The first two Terminator movies had very few flaws or unbelievable technology. Aliens was way ahead of its time. Avatar was awash with believable details. […]

A New Heavy is on the Horizon

It’s no secret that there is a healthy rivalry between Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origins company, and Elon Musk and SpaceX. Each has an operating launch vehicle, but SpaceX clearly leads the race with […]

DARPA’s New Space Shuttle Getting Closer to Reality

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, or DARPA, is known for conceiving and testing some pretty advanced (read: cool) stuff. One of the projects getting closer to fruition that is drawing considerable attention, both technological as […]

White Walkers and Radiation: Walls of Ice Keep Them Both at Bay

This Sunday, the 6th season of Game of Thrones premiers on HBO. Eight million viewers tuned in to watch the premier of Season 5, and considering that there is yet no book to give away what […]

Super Yacht of the Future

Designer Jonathon Schwinge has decided to take the world of yachts to the 22nd century with a decidedly futuristic design he calls Tetrahedron – an apt name considering it is, well, a tetrahedron – that appears […]

A New Kid on the Block is Revolutionizing Vertical Flight

On Thursday of this week, a small company by the name of Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation beat out big name aviation establishment companies like Sikorsky and Boeing to be awarded a DARPA contract to build […]

Is Supersonic Air Travel Returning?

It might just be symbolic that on a leap day, NASA administrator Charlie Bolden announced plans to build a quiet, supersonic X-plane as a test bed for future air travel. The $20M Quiet Supersonic Technology […]

The New Stealth Bomber: Comparing it to the Old Stealth Bomber

The Air Force revealed today the first rendering of its new long range bomber: the B21. At first glance, it looks just like its last bomber, the B-2 Spirit – not so fast. Although this is only […]

3D Printing in Space

A few years ago, I wrote a post about how 3D printing would be essential for any sort of colonization efforts or long distance manned missions. Next month, Made In Space, a Silicon Valley tech […]

Aviation is Going Green – and It Needs to.

Planes are dirty – real dirty. In fact, according to a recent report by the Center for Biological Diversity, by 2050, carbon emissions by commercial aircraft will triple, generating 43 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide and […]