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Deep Space Travel is Not Heart-Healthy

Move over poor diet, high blood pressure and unhealthy lifestyle, there’s a new leading cause of cardiovascular related death – at least for those who undertake a particular activity. As if deep space travel wasn’t […]

Is This the First Step to Curing Cancer?

Experimental treatments at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle have shown very promising results in causing supposedly incurable blood-borne cancers to go into remission. In a trial on 29 terminal leukemia patients who were […]

The Six Million Dollar Man: Fiction or Reality?

From the time I was eight until age twelve, I religiously watched The Six Million Dollar Man on TV. Steve Austin’s bionic arm, legs and eye were the ultimate in science fiction. At the time […]

Is There Anything Quite So Cute as a Baby Elephant? How About One Free of Cancer?

I’ve always been fascinated by elephants. As a young child I had a lot of exposure to the majestic creatures. My family lived in India and at the time they were everywhere. I can even […]