Category: Fictional Technology

Machines are Taking Over the World

I am a big fan of realistic science fiction movies. The first two Terminator movies had very few flaws or unbelievable technology. Aliens was way ahead of its time. Avatar was awash with believable details. […]

Antimatter Power: Practical or Not?

  Since the 1960s and the first Star Trek episodes, the concept of antimatter as a power source has been in the main stream. How many times did we hear a line including loss of […]

Future Tech: Tracking Terrorists

In the wake of the horrific terror attacks in Paris this month, people are coming out of the woodwork demanding to know how these attacks weren’t stopped ahead of time. There is no shortage of […]

The Six Million Dollar Man: Fiction or Reality?

From the time I was eight until age twelve, I religiously watched The Six Million Dollar Man on TV. Steve Austin’s bionic arm, legs and eye were the ultimate in science fiction. At the time […]

Millennium Falcon vs. The Stellarator

If you found your way to this site, then you probably know the Millennium Falcon, the iconic spaceship depicted in the Star Wars films. The Stellarator is likely just slightly less well known, though bears […]

Technology: Movies Getting it Right – And Wrong: The Martian

Being a techie I really enjoy science fiction movies. What ruins one for me is a technical inconsistency or failure to get a technology correct. This post is my second in a series on the subject […]

Hyperium – Enabling Interstellar Travel

In writing my book, Artifice Bridge, one of my dilemmas was coming up with a reasonable way to accomplish space travel that could realistically happen within one-hundred years. Enter hyperium. The following is a fictional […]