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B-21 Update: The Next Major Milestone is First Flight

I just got a friendly comment on my post about the new B-21 “Raider” stealth bomber. That post is a few years old and the person was asking for an update. Actually, I need to […]

Return of the Age of the Airship

During World War I, Germany was at a disadvantage in one very important aspect of warfare: its navy was severely outclassed by Britain’s. Before the war began, H.G. Wells wrote the book The War in […]

Charles Lindbergh Flight – Green Edition

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh captured the world’s collective imagination when he performed the first flight across the Atlantic. He took off from Roosevelt Field in New York in his aircraft, the Spirit of St Louis, […]

A New Kid on the Block is Revolutionizing Vertical Flight

On Thursday of this week, a small company by the name of Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation beat out big name aviation establishment companies like Sikorsky and Boeing to be awarded a DARPA contract to build […]

Is Supersonic Air Travel Returning?

It might just be symbolic that on a leap day, NASA administrator Charlie Bolden announced plans to build a quiet, supersonic X-plane as a test bed for future air travel. The $20M Quiet Supersonic Technology […]