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NASA, Self-Publishing, Game of Thrones and Alien Life – All in One Interview!

How can you fit NASA, the Space Shuttle, tips on self-publishing, Game of Thrones and life on other planets all into a single interview? If you listen to just one interview this year, Jason Delgado’s […]

Uh-oh: Another Mars Mission Goes Missing

Today, the European Space Agency (ESA) put a spacecraft into orbit around Mars. Piggybacked onto the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) was the ExoMars 2016 lander which detached for its journey to the surface. The lander, […]

Asgardia: The First Nation in Space(?)

Igor Ashurbeiyli has some grand plans. His dream is to build a sovereign nation in orbit aboard a massive space station. Its citizens will be “free from the constraint of a land-based country’s laws” and must […]

Water is Shooting Off of Europa

Scientists have always theorized that liquid water exists under Europa’s icy crust, and with that theory the possibility that life exists. Now there is apparently proof of water – in the form of geysers shooting it […]

A New Heavy is on the Horizon

It’s no secret that there is a healthy rivalry between Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origins company, and Elon Musk and SpaceX. Each has an operating launch vehicle, but SpaceX clearly leads the race with […]

Holy S%#t! Potentially Earth-like Planet Found at Closest Star

Stories about potentially Earth-like planets orbiting far away stars have been making the headlines for years. With the Kepler spacecraft monitoring the stars, searching for telltale dips in brightness that indicate the presence of a […]

A Real Life Lost in Space – Found!

Nearly two years ago while undergoing in-flight testing, the STEREO-B spacecraft lost communications with ground stations on Earth. Like in a script of a science fiction movie, it sent one last message containing only a few […]

Is This the Armageddon Asteroid? NASA is Sending a Mission

It’s name is Bennu and it’s an asteroid that will pass between the Earth and the moon in 2135. That in itself is nothing amazing. In fact, 37 asteroids will do just that in 2016 […]

Four New Planets Found… In the Same Star System

The Kepler spacecraft has been finding planets all over the place during its K2 mission. To date, it has found 104 confirmed planets among 197 star systems surveyed. Yesterday, NASA announced four more planetary finds, […]

New Author Facebook Page and Web Site

After getting some feedback from fans and friends, I’ve decided to begin splitting my author and related activities away from Tek22 to get things a little better organized. Tek22 has been growing and getting more […]