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Growth in Women Sci-Fi Readership – Darren Beyer On-Air Interview

The Frank Stanford radio show airs in Victoria, British Columbia on station CFAX weekday mornings. On May 25th, Darren Beyer was interviewed on air by Mr. Stanford about how the number of women science fiction […]

Darren Beyer Discusses His Book, Time at NASA, and More on the Book Guys Podcast

The Book Guys have a really great podcast that talks books, audio books, films and more. I was invited to be a guest for an hour-long episode where we talked about everything from my time […]

Darren Beyer Interviewed on Paradelphia Radio

Paradelphia is a very cool radio show about everything from alien abductions to paranormal activity to space and science fiction. I had the opportunity to be on the show this week and answer questions about […]