NASA’s astronomy pic of the day is a pretty darned cool one. It’s of a nebula designated NGC 7635 – also called the Bubble Nebula. A lot of nebulas show up as chaotic blobs. This one has a distinctive blue color shown in this composite image, and is nearly spherical.

Nebula’s Details:


The Bubble Nebula is a respectable 7 light years across.

Distance Away:

This nebula is 7100 light years from Earth.

A Star Inside:

The bright point of light in the upper left of the nebula is an O type star. That designation means it’s blue-white in color. O type stars tend to be very bright – this one is 45 times the mass of our sun and hundreds of thousands times brighter.


Image credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team

Posted by Darren Beyer

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