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Aliens? Or Just Dust?

kepler7bdepiction2A previously unheralded star called KIC 8462852 recently garnered headlines around world when the Kepler Space Telescope detected very odd light readings coming from it. Some said it was a dust cloud, or comets – others said aliens.

Millennium Falcon vs Stellarator

stelleratorvsfalconI rate the iconic spaceship against the Stellarator. Don’t know what the Stellarator is? Read on.

The Dangers of Launch and Reentry

reentrySpace travel is dangerous – mostly during launch and reentry. Learn about why along with what advances are being made to make it safer.

Aliens: Closer Than You May Think

enceladus3Liquid water has been found now on two moons in our solar system: Europa and Enceladus. Does this mean that alien life could exist there as well?

Hyperloop: Solving Humanity’s Transit Issues

hyperloopcroppedIn 2013 Elon Musk introduced the concept of a hyperloop. What seemed far-fetched and out of reach has spawned two startups and significant interest from both the government and private sector. Read about how it will change the way we live.

Baby Elephants and Cancer: One’s Cute, One’s Not

baby-elephant-in-fieldRecently researchers found a gene in elephants that makes them far less likely to get cancer than humans. Could this be the discovery that leads to curing cancer?

The Martian: A Movie Review from a Tech Perspective

martian4Some movies get it right, some get it wrong. Technology on the big screen is tough to do to make it both realistic and entertaining. See how the movie The Martian depicted near-future tech.

Enabling Interstellar Travel

How will we ever travel between the stars? Take a look at the fictional element hyperium and discover how it enables future humanity to boldly go — you know the rest.

What Weapons Will Soldiers Wield?

What will military small arms look like in the 22nd century? I’ve taken a quick look at how personal weaponry will change.

Fusion Power: Sooner Than We Thought?

Fusion PowerFusion Power: Closer Than You Think I’m not sure fusion power is as close as this Popular Science article says, but it’s a lot closer than many would have thought. Previous estimates had first commercial power plants coming online in the 2030s, this article indicates within the next decade. More interesting is the miniaturization Lockheed plans. Very cool and the subject of a post.

3-D Printing: Is it the Key to Large Scale Space Colonization?

I think 3-D printing could be one of the most transformative technologies of the 21st century. There are a lot of great articles out there on the subject: Mind Blowing 3-D Printed Objects of 2012, Explaining the Future: 3-D Printing, 3-D Printing is a Game Changer. Among the many interests I have in the technology is its ability to enable space colonization. Think about the planning, the waste , the logistics, not to mention the expense of transporting a myriad of mundane items necessary to support human colonization of other celestial bodies. 3-D printing solves a lot of space colonization headaches and is the subject of one of my recent posts.