“Sam the Dog” is the stuffed animal mascot of English Lakes Resorts and Venues, a resort company in England that seems to manage some absolutely lovely hotels and restaurants, primarily in the Lakes District in North West England.  Every guest greeted by Sam when they enter their room – he is waiting on the bed – and Sam is periodically photographed in picturesque locations around the properties.


In conjunction with a local school and SentIntoSpace, Sam was attached to a balloon and sent on a journey to the upper atmosphere – 25 km worth of upper atmosphere!


Sam is launched!

On the very windy day of April 5th, Sam was sent aloft. Luckily for all of us, a GoPro was attached to Sam so we can watch the journey. Unfortunately for Sam, the balloon popped, sending dog (stuffed) and camera plummeting to the ground. The GoPro had a tracker on it and was found. Sam, alas, had no such device and was separated during the harrowing fall back to Earth. A reward has been posted for Sam’s safe – or maybe not so safe – return.


Photo and video credit: English Lakes Resorts and Venues.

Posted by Darren Beyer

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