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Aliens: Closer Than We Think?

The latest images of Enceladus (pronounced en-SELL-la-duss) sent by the Cassini space probe are nothing short of amazing. Enceladus is Saturn’s sixth largest moon, measuring only about 500km in diameter. The moon is cold, very […]

Technology: Movies Getting it Right – And Wrong: The Martian

Being a techie I really enjoy science fiction movies. What ruins one for me is a technical inconsistency or failure to get a technology correct. This post is my second in a series on the subject […]

Hyperium – Enabling Interstellar Travel

In writing my book, Artifice Bridge, one of my dilemmas was coming up with a reasonable way to accomplish space travel that could realistically happen within one-hundred years. Enter hyperium. The following is a fictional […]

3-D Printing: Can it Enable Space Colonization?

You’re a space colonist. You’ve just embarked on a one-year journey to Jupiter’s moon Europa. It’s the adventure of a lifetime, you aspired to this, you trained for it, you got up the nerve to […]