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Commercial Space Taxis

A number of milestones were reached recently along the path toward the commercialization of space travel. The most notable was NASA’s awarding Boeing with a second order for carrying astronauts to the space station aboard […]

Antimatter Power: Practical or Not?

  Since the 1960s and the first Star Trek episodes, the concept of antimatter as a power source has been in the main stream. How many times did we hear a line including loss of […]

Flying Cars: Not Science Fiction Anymore

When I was six years old, I told my older cousin, Tanis, that one day I’d be flying myself to work. More than 30 years later, I had bought my first plane and was using […]

Problem: We’re Overusing Water – Solution: Harness the Sun

Humankind is using water at an unsustainable rate, according to a recent article in Science Magazine. The article states humans use  10,700 cubic kilometers of water each year, or roughly 20 times the amount of […]

Asteroid Mining a Step Closer

Earlier this week, the reality of asteroid mining came a step closer when President Obama signed into law the Space Act of 2015, which includes in it provisions that allow U.S. companies to mine asteroids […]

Space Elevator: Is it Feasible?

In 1895, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a Russian rocket scientist, proposed using a free standing tower that would be placed on Earth’s equator and rise to the height of 35,800 km, or geosynchronous orbit. Once the tower was […]

Future Tech: Tracking Terrorists

In the wake of the horrific terror attacks in Paris this month, people are coming out of the woodwork demanding to know how these attacks weren’t stopped ahead of time. There is no shortage of […]

The Six Million Dollar Man: Fiction or Reality?

From the time I was eight until age twelve, I religiously watched The Six Million Dollar Man on TV. Steve Austin’s bionic arm, legs and eye were the ultimate in science fiction. At the time […]

Routine Access to Space – Sooner Than We Thought?

In a previous post on launch and reentry, I referenced Reaction Engines and their revolutionary SABRE (Synergistic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine) technology. This engine represents the closest we’ve come to developing true reusable space access. This week, […]

The Future of Money – BitCoin or Something Else?

As early as 12000 BC, obsidian was used not only to make tools, but also as a form of currency. Some time later, perhaps as early as 9000 BC, cattle became a form of currency. […]